As a part of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (University), NUE’s employees, students, and general operation are subject to University Policies unless they conflict with a specific NUE policy or applicable state or federal law or regulation.

General Operation

1.0 Policy Development and Approval

1.1 School Calendar

1.2 Responsible Use of Technology

1.3 Visitors to the School

1.4 Family Engagement Policy Política de participación familia

1.5 Internet Safety

1.6 Face Coverings (2021-22 School Year)

1.7 Research Policy

1.8 Parental Objections to Course Materials

1.9 Parent Involvement

Students (Academics & Administrative)

2.0 Surveys of Students

2.1 Admissions

2.2 Attendance

2.3 Student Records

2.4 Student Promotion and Accountability

2.5 Special Education Programs

Students (Behavior)

3.1 Code of Student Conduct

3.2 [reserved for future use]

3.3 Seclusion and Restraint

3.4 Wireless Communication Devices

3.5 Criminal Behavior

3.6 Bullying and Harassment

Students (Health & Support)

4.1 Immunization and Health Requirements for Student Admission

4.2 Administering Medicine to Students

4.3 Child Abuse and Threats to Child Safety


5.1 Criminal History Record Checks

5.2 Employees

5.3 [reserved for future use]

5.4 Staff and Student Relations