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A message from Niner University Elementary Principal Pamela Broome:

Pamela Broome

It is my honor and privilege to serve as the principal of Niner University Elementary at Amay James. My name is Pamela Broome and I have been an educator for more than 25 years. In that time, I have served as a teacher, school and district leader in all grades from Pre-K to 12th grade and community college. Prior to joining UNC Charlotte in June 2018 to lead the development of NUE, I worked as a consultant serving various schools across the country by providing professional development and job-embedded coaching to improve teaching and learning.

I am truly a lifelong learner who has had many incredible opportunities to advance my personal and professional growth. What I have learned through these various experiences is that teaching should always start with the children in front of you. We have to know our students and be responsive to what they need, in and out of the classroom.

At UNC Charlotte, we are thinking about our future students and families first. For this reason, collaborating with teams across campus to design, develop and soon open NUE has been one of the most exciting and humbling experiences of my life. Together, with west Charlotte community members, organizations and families, we are committed to creating a place where all people are valued and empowered to attain their potential. I am honored to be a part of this joyous learning community and look forward to all that we will do together.